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Paidverts is a very high paying free earning PTC site get up to 1000 usd per ads

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Paidverts is a very high paying free earning site. You have to view ads for 30 seconds each. Sometimes there are very high paying ads, even more than 1 dollar for just one ad. All countries are accepted. The minimum payout amount is just $2.00 to PayPal/Bitcoin.

Paidverts is a very high paying free earning PTC site, get money up to $1000/ads viewYou can earn a lot from paidvert and the best part is that its a highly trusted site and payment is guaranteed. Paidverts is owned by "Mytrafficvalue" which is a very reputed established site and has been paying its members on time from many years. You can easily make $2 in a short time and cashout to PayPal. Click on the image above to register in this site and start earning.

Earning is very easy in this site but you need to understand how it works. The ads are assigned to you only if you have BAP (Bonus Ad Points). To get BAP, you need to see activation ads of 30 seconds each. One activation ad will give you 25 BAP and you can see maximum of 8 "activation ads" in a day.

People who invested, earn hundreds of dollars per day from this site. Those who dont want to invest just need to be little patient and need to click everyday and after some time you will be earning good money. Those who can invest should definitely invest here when they can, so that their earning is very high from the beginning itself. There are lots of investors withdrawing more than 300$ a day.

So here is the strategy. After logging in everyday, watch all the 8 activation ads to get 200 BAP. After some time, ads will be assigned to you. Watch these ads to get paid. When each ad is assigned to you, your BAP will decrease. So remember to click on your 8 "activation ads" everyday. If your BAP becomes zero, you wont get any more ads, till you watch more "activation ads" next day. As soon as you make 1$, dont cashout. You should invest it to make much more by buying the 1$ advertising package.

For every $1.05 advertising package you purchase, you get 3100 BAP free which will assign you ads worth $1.55 in the next few days. So for every $1.05 you spend, you will get $1.55 back and along with that you will also get 50 user visits (for 30 seconds each) to any site you want and also around 125 banner impressions. To do this, go to "Buy Ads" and click on "Create Campaign". Now enter your site/blog there to get 50 free visits from others and also 1.55$ worth of ads in the next few days. So everytime you make a dollar, buy the 1.05$ advertising package to get 1.55$ back. As you keep doing this, your earning will keep increasing if you are active on the site.

Also know that once an ad is assigned to you, it will be available for only 18 hours. If you dont click it in 18 hours, it will be assigned (recycled) to someone else.
It may take some time for you to get ads even if you have lot of BAP. After i registered to this site and got my 200 BAP on the first day, i did not see any ads that day. But next day i had many ads and after a few days i got one ad which paid me 20 cents to watch it for 30 seconds. (If you invested money and have lot of BAP, you may even get ads which pay 1$ to even 20$ each for watching it for 30 seconds). So just be patient and check the site again before 18 hours are over. 

The higher BAP you have, the higher paying ads you get. Recently i got ads which gave me 10$ for watching it for 30 seconds. This is because i have collected a lot of BAP in this site.

Also there is a very useful feature called "ad filter" using which you can get only higher paying ad. If you really want to earn a lot from this site without viewing a lot of ads this is highly recommended. It costs 10$ to set it once and it is for lifetime. Once you buy it, you can keep changing its value for free whenever you want. Its worth it and makes earning easy and fast. I used it one time by paying 10$ and set my minimum ad value at $0.10. So i get only ads which pay above 10 cents. You can set it higher too if you have a lot of BAP. 

You can earn still more by getting referrals. You will earn 10% of all ad purchases your referrals make and also earn 5% of the value of all ads your referrals watch. 

Once you click on an ad, you get 3 boxes with 3 sentences. You need to just copy those sentences and paste in the boxes. Then you will be able to see the ad. Copying and pasting those sentences is very easy. This is done so that the members have more exposure to the ad and this is the reason the advertisers are ready to pay such high prices for the ads. 

There is a BAP tax of 100 BAP everyday. This is done so that members are active and watch all activation ads everyday. So everyday, if you watch all the 8 activation ads, you can earn 100 BAP after the tax is reduced. This is also done so that more people invest in the site. You should invest if you can because you can make 1.55$ for every 1.05$ you invest. Otherwise you have to just rely on the free activation ads everyday which takes more time to collect a lot of BAP.