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Neobux the oldest and a very trusted PTC site mini jobs

♠ Posted by ZhaGDelie in at 01.27
Neobux is one of the oldest and a very trusted site which pays instantly to Paypal as soon as you request payout. All countries are accepted. It pays through Paypal, Payza and Neteller. 

neobux ptcThe minimum amount to cashout is just $2.00 on the first cashout. You can earn a lot of money from Neobux through "minijobs". You can easily make $2 in short time and cash it out instantly to paypal/payza.

There are a lot of people who are earning their primary source of income from these minijobs. You are paid a definite amount of money for every page of a task you finish. 

The higher paying jobs ("level 2" and "level 3") will not be available to you in the beginning itself. You need to finish hundred or more "level 1" tasks/jobs. Once you finish more than 100 tasks well, you will be considered as a reliable member who follows instructions properly. Then the level 2 and level 3 jobs will be available to you.

After you log into neobux, go to "View Advertisements" and watch the 4 orange ads. You need to do this only once and this will unlock the minijobs section. You can continue viewing more ads if you wish. Anyways then go to Offers=>Minijobs. There you can see high paying jobs but they are disabled for you. You need to complete 100 low paying tasks to qualify for the higher paying ones. But these low paying tasks are not always available. 

So keep checking the minijobs section and whenever you see some jobs available to you, do them. Follow the instructions properly. They will be easy to do. Once you complete 100 tasks like this, you will be promoted to a higher level and the higher paying jobs will be available to you.

Also for every 1$ you earn through minijobs, you get 0.12$ as bonus. This is a very generous move from Neobux and will encourage members to work on more tasks and make more money.  

Neobux Payments Proof

With the higher paying jobs, you can make money faster. Sometimes there are simple tasks like doing a google search or classifying objects into categories and sometimes the tasks are a bit tough but can be easily done if you understand the instructions properly. But know that there are a lot of people doing these tasks. 

So they can get over quickly. So do the tasks as soon as you have free time and dont keep them for later. If you find any job difficult to do or you get disqualified from that job, just skip it and do another job or wait for a better job to come in the next few days. The minijobs are available throughout the year and so you can earn a lot of money easily like this.

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